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I am Cascadia aka Cass/Cassie on several TF fandom discussion boards. Welcome to one of my nutty hobbies:  Transformers.  Mt. St. Hilary is the fictional volcano that the Ark crashed into 4 million years ago and supposedly it is located near Portland, Oregon....

This will be a quite extensive database, which will mainly be printable checklists.  It can range from anything from the toy lines to the comic books.  The reason on why it will be extensive is that the Transformers universe has grown very large since it was introduced in 1984.  If you have any ideas on what you would like to see on here, please e-mail me at

Copyright: The Transformers cartoon and characters are copyrighted and owned by Hasbro, Inc and Takara, Inc. The Transformers live action movie is the property of Paramount Pictures and Hasbro, Inc. The fanart belongs to the collective artist and other than presenting them for viewing, I make no claim on them.  

*PLEASE NOTE: all artwork shown on this board are property of the artists/owners of and Hasbro, Inc. and Takara, Inc.

July 30 update: I am back into my website designing after a long absence. A new page was added...a page dedicated towards Mount St. Helens' famous eruption. I threw a twist on it but I am not giving it away. You will have to read it to understand the twist. Toyline pages--there are several new ones (Hunt for the Decepticons, Botcon 2009 and 2010 pages, Generations, Power Core Combiners). Also, before I Site is officially 2 years old. Happy 2nd Anniversary!!!!!!

November 30 update: Many updates.  First of all, I have a new banner which contains G1 Starscream, which is my childhood favorite character along with G1 Prowl, which is my current favorite character.  The background contains Mt. Hood, which dominates the Portland, Oregon skyline.  Secondly, I also have a news page, which is updated on a regular basis thanks to Third, I have updated the Animated and ROTF toylines for both factions.  The ROTF toyline would still need to be updated from time-to-time. Fourth, I have added pages for the IDW ongoing, Bumblebee, The Last of Wreckers series.  Fifth, I have updated my Resources/links page.  Lastly, my TF dictionary is slowing growing with G1 timelines, info about the various locations in G1 (work in progress).

April 13 update: it is my site's 1st anniversary.  It has been a crazy ride with this site and I do not think that it will end anytime soon.  New pages--Marvel comics pages are almost finished and moving onto Dreamweave.  In terms of the toylines, there needs to be some cleaning up to do because some items need to be deleted while others need to be added.  My links/resources page needs to be updated since some forums disappeared last month. 


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