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TF Asylum.  Another little forum that has its own flavor.  I am an admin here.  Not only does it have Transformers sections but also television, music, games, Timey's "Who & Why" Odd One Out! (he would be a better person to ask what it is), Anime and Dr. Who.  This forum offers a bi-monthly signature contest to its members.
Moon Base 2 forums.  A moderately sized forum that has its own podcast and a blog that is developed by several of its members.  The Podcast episodes can be seen on Youtube. 
The Cybertron Alliance Universe (CAU) is a fan created unofficial continuity of Transformers; all relevant characters and material is borrowed from the copyright owners, Hasbro and Dreamworks, and any affiliates.  The forum has an ongoing G1 (canon and fan-made) RPG.  It also offers a chat room to its members that can cause some interesting discussions. 
The Cybertron Archives
.  This is another moderately-sized forum that is heavily based around the USA G1 Universe.  There are games and contests for its members.  The games are centered around the G1 verse, whereas, the contest is on making signatures on a certain Transformer character.  Also, this contest runs every two weeks. 


Big Bad Toy Store--An excellent online store, based in Wisconsin, that has all of the toy-lines.  Their customer service is top-notch, in fact, I have never had a problem with them.  They do not charge one's credit card until the pre-ordered item has arrived.  Plus, the pile of loot is really nice to have in which things can pile up in ones basket and they will not ship items until you tell them to.  This feature can help the customer save some money particularly with the shipping and handling costs.  The only problem with BBTS is that they can be a tad more expensive than other places in terms of the item's cost.  However, in some cases they are cheaper or at the cost of a set from Toys R Us, Target, or Wal-Mart. Also, they typically have very good sales occurring throughout the year, where one can save 10% to 70% off of select figures.  I recommend to anyone to watch for the sales.

--Another excellent online store that has the more current toy-lines.  Their customer service has been great and they pack their items extremely well.  They tend to be more expensive on their items then other online stores but they are still a top-notch online store.  They too have an occasional sale that are worth-while to watch for.

Digital Toys
--Another pretty good online store.  They typically require their payment in the form of Pay Pal, which can be a disadvantage to customers that do not have a Pay Pal account.  Also, unlike BBTS, they charge your Pay Pal account when you pre-order an upcoming figure.  However, they pack items rather well and are very quick with their shipments. 

'80Tees--This is more of a clothing/appeal online store that has all sorts of clothing with cartoon characters from the 1980s.  Their selection on Transformers clothing is very good ranging from kids wear to adult. It is also nice that they have shirts are designed for women.  However, they can be a tad expensive due to the licensing of 1980s cartoon characters.  Their shipments are quick and reliable. 


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Created on January 18, 2009   Updated on: April 14, 2009