Chapter 4

Umbra watches as Shockwave goes down and limp on the floor. Even though, he was speaking to her, Umbra could not fully make it out but I had to get out of here. She tries to mess with the latch with one of her blades. After a few quick tries, she manages to get it open. When the door is opened, one of the Decepticons notices that their little patient is escaping. He instantly sounds the alarm with a message to any Decepticon in the area.

“ATTENTION DECEPTICONS!!!! Be on the lookout of a Shadowcon youngling, who just escaped from our experimentation procedure. Fair Warning….She is armed and very dangerous!!!!"

By hearing this, Umbra smirks and runs off. However, her systems are increasingly become more upset.

"What is wrong with me?"

At this moment, while keeping her sensors on full alert, she briefly glances at her reflection in a window. Once was pure white optics, now are red with white streaks in them, which causes some despair but there is no way of preventing it from occurring.

"What am I going to do? I do not look like myself anymore."

She detects and heard a group of Decepticons coming towards me. As they try to grab her, she dart out of the way and runs out into the corridors.

"Not this again!!"

Only this time, the group of Decepticons fired at me. Something occurs within my body, rather than being severely injured like she should, her body is absorbing the firepower. At this moment, two small guns appears out of her wrists.

What is going on here?

Umbra gives them a funny look and wonder what to do with them. In relative quick fashion, she remembers that her Shadowcon brothers installed them in her so that I can harness her own unique ability. Umbra quickly turns around and fire all of the absorbed power that the Decepticons fired in their direction. All of the Decepticons received a good amount of damage from the blast. Once the blast completed its course, the two small guns go back into her wrists and she runs off in hope to find an exit. As she runs away, she found that her energy levels were decreasing.

Umbra kept on running to get out of here. However, more and more Decepticons kept coming towards me. As they get close to her, she grab a hold of one of them and throws them over her body. He instantly crashes into the wall and causes another one to take their shot on trying to handle the femme.

Umbra instantly whacks the Decepticon in the helm with her blade and cuts right through the central processor's protective layer, which sparked before the Decepticon falls down. She merely smirked before taking off and ran towards the exit. However, there is a huge Decepticon standing in the way and ready to fire on the dangerous youngling.

"You are not going anywhere, little one."

"Try to stop me!"

He instantly fires on the youngling, who immediately smirked because she know that she will win this little fight. A white glow that matched my streaks instantly glow and surround my body. She immediately fires on the large Decepticon, who instantly falls forwards and she move overs him as she disengages her weaponry, only to find that she was severely low on energy. Once outside of the experimental base, she struggles to walk upright. Her young body protested with every step that she walks. In some cases, Umbra was stumbling and my joints were threatening to collapse underneath her. But she had to continue to get away from the Decepticons' facility.

After much struggling, she collapses and end up crawling away even though there is data information indicating that stasis lock is most likely going to happen.

"I must get as far away from here as I can and in hope to find at least one of my brothers or sisters."

After crawling a fair distance and mainly on an adrenaline rush, Umbra collapses in the middle of a Cybertronian road. Her optics threaten to shut down while she lays there face down. Soon after, she could barely keep them open. However, She sends out a Shadowcon distress signal in hope that one of her brothers or sisters could find her.

In the Necrosis, Nightshade is busy doing some things when she hears the distress call from Umbra. She immediately lock onto the youngling's location and warps to her location just as some unfamiliar Decepticons show up. Nightshade would have stood her ground but the youngling's protection was more important. The older Shadowcon quickly picks up Umbra and warps back to the Necrosis. At the time of arrival, Umbra is out cold and severely low on power. In order for Umbra to recharge, she is quickly into a stasis pod.

Chapter 5


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