Chapter 5

3 Earth Days later

Nightshade was going through the files on who was in stasis. She noticed a couple names but one in particular caught her attention. A short time later, the youngling's stasis pod location is found in the Stasis room. Nightshade had to be careful not to get caught snooping cause the Fallen was still around and he would not be happy if he found out about the snooping around on the Necrosis' main computers. The older Shadowcon lays the stasis pod down and opens it. Inside a young femme Shadowcon was laying asleep inside. It was only a matter of time before she awakes up.

A short time later, a set of unfocused optics slowly open. Immediately a form comes into view, but it was hard to determine who it is. As the optics try to refocus themselves, the young Shadowcon tries to rack her processor and trying to figure out what happened and how she got back to the Necrosis. Soon after, the form was more crystal clear and a lump forms in her throat. Due to what Umbra has been through, she scurries out of the stasis pad and flees away while nearly tripping over items in the room. During the flee, she lands on her aft and scout backwardss.

" did I end up here? The last I remember, I was in stasis lock in the middle of a Cybertronian street."

"Umbra wait, I'm not going to hurt you..."

Soon after, Umbra stops fleeing and sits down on the floor in the Stasis room while looking in Nightshade's direction with her hands behind her and palms resting against the floor. "I am sorry Nightshade.....but I was disorientated after going into stasis lock."

"It's Okay, I can understand your fright...I found you a couple days ago unconscious." Right after Nightshade spoke, she noticed the change in the youngling's optics. "Can I ask what happened to you you look different...?"

This reminds Umbra what happened not too long ago. She slowly nods and spoke with dispair.

"I was captured by some of the Cybertronians. Right after they put me an unconscious state, they put something into my systems. Even though they thought that they put me in an unconscious state, I could still vaguely hear them. When I woke up, I look like this. Now I am different from everyone else.....and they disabled my warping and cloaking abilities."

"You don't seem too different, except for your optics...but how did they disable your warping and cloaking abilities. Do you mind if I take a look I might be able to reactivate them for you, then you can tell me what happened and who done this to you." Nightshade holds her hand to help Umbra back up so she wasn't so scared. In response, Umbra lays her hand in Nightshade so that she could stand to her full height.

"I-I will try to tell you anything that I can recall." I followed her to where she can take a look at my abilities and fix them. "But I am not sure how they disabled them."

"Do not worry I have ways of finding stuff out and we are a lot different than those Cybertronians here on this planet. I have been studying their technology so I know a lot of their strange lets take a look and see what they did to you."

Once Umbra was on an examination table, Nightshade takes out some special scanning equiptment unique to our shadowcon make up and started to do a complete scan. In relative quick fashion the problem was discovered, the Dececpticons had cut one of the lead controls that allows us to use our warping and cloaking abilities.

"The cut a lead control, I will have to go in and repair it but it should only take a few moments to repair it. I am going to deactivate your neural sensors so you don't feel anything okay?"

Umbra deeply sighs before nodding to give her the go ahead and deactivate the neural sensors. She lays there quietly and wait for the injection so that the abilities can be returned.

"This won't hurt and you can remain awake through this..." Nightshade goes in and without so much as a flinch of pain and reconnects the controls with a special tool. Once the youngling is fixed up, Nightshade steps back and said, "there, done...Now you can tell me what you remember..."

"Thank you."

Umbra sits up and hangs her head when Nightshade indicated that she was finish with the repair work. While sitting there, she try to rack up on my processor about what happen. When Umbra was ready to speak, she glance up at Nightshade.

"I got separated from everyone, which caused me to become an easy target. 3 Cybertronians captured me and drug me into their facility. I struggled as much as I could and tried to escape but they were resourceful and took me into a lab. There they injected me with something, I think it is called" I glanced up while I think about it. "Dark Energon before they try to force foreign data into me. They wanted me to turn against my own kind. When I woke up, my optics looked like this." I laid back down on the examination table. "Why did they have to mess around with my optics."

Umbra pauses a bit.

Right after I woke up, I went on a rampage. I hope you are not mad at me."

"I am not mad at you and don't worry about your optics, it's not going to change who you are if they look different" I said looking down at her younger sister.

As Nightshade gives the youngling comfort, a better reflective surface catches her optics. She walks over to it and glanced at herself. The only thing that changed in her appearance is the optics. After much staring at her reflection, she turn her body around to face Nightshade.

"I think that I can live with this new look in my optics, it sort of makes me unique. But I still do not like what happened."

While looking at the reflection this time, Umbra's optic color did not bother her but the welding marks. She gasped before sighing while bowing her head.

"So, that is what happened, Shade....I got captured and a large, one-eyed Cybertronian tried to convert me into a Decepticon and use me against my own kin. I felt as if I was going through a living nightmare. When he realized that the new programming failed, we fought furiously. I gave him some things to think about if he indeed does survive our little battle."