Chapter 3

Eventually, Umbra was reactivated and the straps were loosened. She laid there on the examination table with her optics shut and her systems detected some foreign information and starts attacking the new programming.

What did he do to my systems? I do not recognize this programming.

Some time passes by and she reopens her optics but they felt strange. After a few times of blinking, her crystal clear vision returns but they still felt a tad strange as if they have been altered. For the time being, the main importance was to get out of here and not worry about one’s optics. In quick fashion, Umbra hoists herself into a sitting position and noticed the welding marks on her frame. At first, she was very confused but then she glares and snarls at Shockwave. Immediately Umbra stands up on the examination table with my blades fully extended from my arms at a stance and ready to fight The blades started to glow white from her spark's energy. She stands there heaving with anger.

"I will show you pain and you taste of your own medicine!!"

What the youngling said and did was absolutely not what Shockwave expected. Umbra flips off of the examination table and give Shockwave a fierce whack from my two blades before giving a good and powerful roundhouse kick. From this attack, Shockwave realized that this experiment has failed and now he had to fight. He was stunned about the fact that the new overwriting didn't work, so stunned that he just stood there letting himself being attacked. His processor still tried to figure out what was wrong and then he found himself lying in the debris of the wall behind him after he got kicked right into it. Finally his tactical systems kicked into gears as Shockwave stood back up. She was darkened, that made her way stronger, but she was angry if not to say furious, and that would cause her to make mistakes. In relative quick fashion, Shockwave did not bother to use his disruptor, rather he charged forward with his fist and hammers it towards the Shadowcon youngling, who realized that she could not warp or cloak out of the scientific lab. Rather as the fist comes towards her, she grabs it in the palm of her hand before she look at the one-eyed Cybertronian with an evil smirk and look in her optics. In quickly perform a high-raising kick at his head.

These tactics astonished Shockwave and in response he quickly gets out of the way of the kick at the same time as he opens his fist and turns his hand in order to grab hold of her wrist. He felt that a firm grip would now prevent the Shadowcon from counter-attacking. While he has a firm hold of her wrist, Shockwave knocks her off balance and ramming his knee into her lower body part. However, Umbra has other ideas. With an evil look in her optics, she whacks him with the blade on her free arm and cuts Shockwaves arm armor sparks occurred. The muscle wires relaxed immediately and let go of the Shadowcons' wrist. Shockwave growled in pain and backed off as his engine liquids dripped out of his damaged arm. But the mad Decepticon wouldn't give up that easily so he charged at her, only this time unfolding a rotor blade of his own and lashed out her aiming for her head. At the very last second as the blades comes towards her, I instantly cross my blades in order to prevent his rotor blade to cause some damage to my head. The rotor blade and the youngling’s blades made contact. While dealing with the rotor blade, Umbra performs a powerful and quick roundhouse kick at his waist.

Shockwave uses his damaged arm to guide the young femme’s leg towards his shoulder while he rips rotor blade out of her crossed blades and attack her with his blade going towards her head. Umbra growls at the mad scientist but was caught unaware of the rotor coming towards the side of her head. A small portion of the wing is torn off, which causes her to hiss at him and harnessed more energy from her spark and allowed more of a glow to be exhibited in her blades and cut his shoulder armor and eventually also hit his neck severing some vital wires. Spark dripped out of the wound caused by the blade glowing so unusually intensive and Shockwave paused for a moment. Even though he barely had anything worth the word face expressions but still the astonishment was visible. The race of the Shadowcons was indeed strong and with Dark Energon even stronger. The Decepticon Scientist had no chance to finish the thought. His body collapsed as the energy flow could no longer be controlled by his main processor due to the cut in his neck. Lying on the ground Shockwave could feel the strength leaving his body like an ancient curse. It was odd but somehow he had the feeling to be killed by his own creation even though it was a failed experiment on someone he didn't create. But there was something... Nothing as much as an emotion but it was a flash in his dying processor.

"Go... Run away. You've earned your freedom but... Your past, the events that occurred to you here.. Will always pursue you. To the end of your natural life. You will never forget what happened here."

Shockwave wasn't sure but maybe he now felt a perverse pleasure of the feeling that no matter if his body died here tonight, he would survive in his victims. Those who became his property to experiment on and survived would always remember what they have experienced here in his lab. It was a kind of being immortal. Shockwave would have smirked if he could as the single optic went dark and the sound of his servo motors died due to the lack of energy routing and processing.


Chapter 4

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