Chapter 2

Shockwave patiently waited for the Rainmakers to do their jobs and eventually they removed themselves from Shockwaves lab. After the doors closed behind them and the dark reclaimed the room Shockwave fully reactivated himself from his nearly dormant state. He slowly walked over to the examination table and his single yellow optic looked down at Umbra, the Shadowcon femme whose name Shockwave didn't know and didn't care for. While looking at her he analyzed what he could see on the surface. Good armor, tough connection wires.. This one was definitely a good catch. Then he turned around and walked to a nearby console to get a cutting tool. Then he returned and started to work on the Shadowcon not caring for any sedatives or pain killer. On the contrary, he liked the sound of the screams of pain and so he slowly started cutting open her chest armor to reveal the secrets underneath. As soon as the chest armor was removed Shockwave could see many mechanisms and circuits. It didn't take long for him to find out which were the cloaking- and warping mechanisms. In order to avoid her using them to escape Shockwave deactivated those circuitries. Now the struggling Shadowcon female was fully delivered to his mercy, what wasn't much.

While Umbra was screaming Shockwave walked around her, changing tools and running analyzes. He returned his attention to the specimen at hand and with a needlelike tool he stitched into certain connections and read out information. Then he turned away and went to a computer terminal to take a closer look. Extracting the warping components would be a long exhausting procedure and the Shadowcon most likely would not survive it. For a moment Shockwaves processor was running to solve this problem and the whimpering in the background didn't disturb him. It would be more efficient to use the original technology in its original host. In that moment the idea of simply turning this Shadowcon into a Decepticon and making her hunt down her own kind was germinating in Shockwave. His optic became a slit. His flat head turned around to look at the female which was frightened and still tried to fight the restrains. That was the idea.

Short time later Shockwave was preparing a new procedure. He eventually realized that extracting the warping- and cloaking technology was an inefficient use of resources. So he decided to reprogram the Shadowcon, make her a puppet for the Decepticon cause. After setting up the surgical computer Shockwave took the two connectors, each several inches long, and thrust them deep into her neck from both sides, until the tips reached the very center were Umbras spark artery was. But he was not finished. he turned around again and started the progress to overwrite her operating system and pump her systems with Dark Energon. The new operating system would make her think like a Decepticon, work like a Decepticon and the Dark Energon would make her addictive and ensure her loyalty. Again Shockwave could well abdicate the use of sedatives but the sudden massive input of Dark Energon made her drowsy and 'drunken' anyways. While the reprogramming process was going Shockwave put the chest armor back on its place and welded it to the rest of the frame. Welding marks on both sides would always remember her what happened here this day, if she would be able to remember at all after the surgical computer reconfigured her memory banks. Though Shockwave had to admit to himself that this procedure was never tested on Shadowcons, so far he never got a volunteer.

The Shadowcons optics were closed after a while and the process was almost done. Shockwave was merely supervising the procedure after he reattached the chest armor and waited for everything to be finished. The wires the Shadowcon was hooked up to had a glowing purple color showing that the Dark Energon was still floating into her system. Eventually a beeping sound occurred and the Dark Energon stopped floating into her. Shockwave went over to the surgical computer and looked at the results. He was very pleased with what the computer displayed. According to that it should have succeeded so Shockwave unhooked his specimen to now activate it. At first one connector was drawn out of her neck and then the second one. Shockwave placed them back to where they belonged and proudly looked at his work before releasing the straps. Through the closed lids he could see the red Decepticon glow. From all Shockwave could say the Shadowcon femme was gone and a new Decepticon warrior was born.


Chapter 3

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