Chapter 1

Deep in the heart of Kaon the Decepticon field medic known as Scalpel, or The Doctor by some was busy searching through recent data feeds Soundwave had given him on a spy mission he just done watching some of the Shadowcons. In one of the feeds which was just relayed, it showed a young femme Shadowcon quietly walking down one of the streets with no one by her. He done a quick scan then turned to Shockwave and said,

"It looks like we found a perfect canadate for your experiments sir, how do you wish to Proceed?"

Shockwave then approached behind the much smaller mech and said, "Get the Rain Makers and bring her to me." he said then turned away

Scalpel then opened a comm and called for Acid Storm to come to Shockwave's Lab. Acid Storm heard Scapel's comm indicating that he wanted me to come to Shockwave's lab.

"Scapel, I will be there as soon as I can. Acid Storm out."

My two fellow Rainmakers and I went to Shockwave's lab to find out what he needed us to do. In relative good timing, the three of us show up at the specified lab. I have my two fellow Rainmakers wait for me outside.

"Yes, Shockwave....what did you need us for?"

Shockwave used the data harvested by the Doctor and projected a holographic image of what his little underling has seen. It showed a young Shadowcon female sneaking through the streets alone. In that moment Acid Storm came in and asked Shockwave what to do. In menacing silence he only glanced over at him before glaring back at the holographic projection ins the middle of the room.

"She is a Shadowcon, she is the perfect victim for some experiments and she is alone. Get her!"

His order was short and simple and he expected to be obeyed to the letter. His single optic still glared at the projection and Shockwave didn't bother to look at Acid Storm, he just waited to hear the sound of him walking out and taking off along with his two rainmakers.

While listening to Shockwave, Acid Storm looks at the projected image of the Shadowcon so we know who we ought to catch.

"It shall be done, Shockwave."

Acid Storm turns on my heels and head out of Shockwave's lab before talking to my fellow Rainmakers. We quickly left the experimental facility in search of this Shadowcon femme that is alone. It did not take long for us to locate her.

"Ice Storm and Dust Storm, it is time to catch our prey."

We dove down. In this process of landing, we transformed.

"We can do this the easy way or hard way, young one."

Umbra strolls along a Cybertronian street while the Cybertronian sky was pitch black. While walking, she could hear some jet engines overhead and she did not pay any mind to them until they landed and confronted her. One of them was front of Umbra while two of them were behind me. She heard chains rattling and this causes her to fight them and get away from them. However, the two behind her were awfully quick and caught me with the chains. They drug me to a location but she had no idea where. However, Umbra struggles to get out of those chains in any way that she could. Eventually, we arrived at an experimental facility on Cybertron, two Decepticons tug on chains connected to a female youngling. The youngling continues to struggle and still has quite a bite after she was captured. Within the corridors, the only things that could be seen from Umbra are her white optics. The chains gliminsed in the dull light.

“Let me go, creeps!!!”

The two Decepticons laugh at the demands coming from the youngling.

“There is no way that you can escape, Shadowcon.”

“Oh yeah! Watch me!”

Umbra gives one of the two a fierce and powerful kick into the shins. The Decepticon instantly drops the chain and falls towards the ground onto his side. Once the right one goes down, the left one fiercely tugs on his chain before he knows it, he receives a powerful roundahouse kick is his back. He instantly falls forward not too far from the other one. At that instant, Umbra take off running as fast as her servos could carry her. A Decepticon watched from above.

“Someone get that brat in any way that you can. I do not care if you have to knock her out. I want her for the experiments. “

In relative quick fashion, several other Decepticons run after a dark colored youngling. With the small sensory panels on her back, she was about to detect 5 of them coming after me. She glance over her shoulder to see all 5 Decepticons coming after her at a good speed. This truly frightened me but she was not willing to give up and hand herself to them that easily. The adrenaline rush was running through my circuitry and makes me run even faster through the corridors and find a place to hide. Umbra has no idea on why they want me and she does not intent to find out any time soon. As she makes a turn in the corridor, more older Decepticons were coming after me. This causes her to make an abrupt stop in my tracks before making a very quick turn to head into another direction and burst into a run. However, more were coming towards me. she snarled and ran towards them before somersaulting over their heads and head off.

Eventually, Umbra was becoming very tired but she had to keep going otherwise, she will get recaptured. The adrenaline rush levels continue to rise but they can only last for so long and she was completely exhausted. Her servos were starting to whine and did not have much left to give. Right in the middle of the corridor, she collapsed due to sheer exhaustion. Luckily, she fell in a very deep shadow that matches her name. Umbra could only hope that no one finds her here. While laying there, Umbra kept her sensors on full alert in case any of them approach me. However, in relative quick fashion, a Decepticon, Acid Storm, comes into Umbra's direction and snatches me before she could warp away and brought me into Shockwave's lab.

"Shockwave, I believe this is the femme that you wanted for your experiments."

With his processor working on what he had planned on doing with the Shadowcon once she was brought here Shockwave waited in a dark corner for the Rainmakers to return. Eventually Acid Storm came in holding the weakened Shadowcon in his grasp. In the pitch black darkness a single optic started to glow as if it was just activated.

"Bring her to the examination table and have her strapped down."

Shockwave ordered and then grew silent again. Now he would be able to discover the secrets of the Shadowcon warping and cloaking ability and he would be able to create new battle mechs with those abilities. The Decepticons would gain the upper hand in this war and they would crush the Autobots like bugs. It was a pity that Shockwave felt neither joy nor anticipation leave alone happiness about this new constallation.

Acid Storm places the young Shadowcon on her back onto the examination table. He quickly straps her wrists down onto the table. As the Rainmaker was about to strap her feet down, he receives a good kick in the face. Due to the frustration level increasing, Acid Storm call for Ice Storm to help him. Ice Storm instantly comes in to hold the femme's feet down so that Acid Storm could fully strap her down. Once the young Shadowcon was strapped down on the table, Acid Storm dismissed Ice Storm along with himself from Shockwave's lab.


Chapter 2

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