Big Jump into the Future (Year 2860)

Since Prowl was resurrected, he enjoyed his long vacation but something seemed to be missing that was very much part of him.  Was he going to stay as a neutral or return to the Autobots?  Over time, the feeling was starting to bug him.  A part of him wanted to stay as a neutral and enjoy just being alive again and not worry about Decepticons coming to haunt him down every chance that they can get.  However, being an Autobot was very much part of him and has been for an extended period of time.  After much thought, he decided to go back to the Autobots, where he knows that he could still be of use even though he is an old Cybertronian.  For a long time, he learned and practiced fighting moves that could help him fight the Decepticons.  At the beginning of his re-training, he had to adjust his moves so that he can adept them with the door-wings on his back.  He was extremely frustrated with himself since he knows that he can fight relatively well.  It would look silly if a tactician did not know how to fight effectively and efficiently.  After much difficult and long training, he felt that he was ready to return to the Autobots. 

Eventually, he makes it to the front gate of Iacon.  As he stands there and stares at the door, he was still in much deep thought. He glances up at the Cybertronian sky and lets out a huge puff of air out of his vents.

"Alright, this is the moment of truth...either they will immediately accept me or question this."

Up in the command center, several Autobots were currently on active duty.  One of them glance at the monitor that showed an image of the being at the front gate.  He could not help it but stare at it before eventually, motioning one of his colleagues to look at it.

"Uh, Rapidfire...I need you to take a look at something."

Rapidfire, a medium built Autobot comes over to look over Blackjack's shoulder at the image on the screen.  As he looks at it, he could not believe his optics and what he was seeing.  Could this be Optimus' old Tactician? This one definitely looks like him, or it is a Decepticon playing tricks on them?

"What are you thinking?"

"It is hard to say exactly but.....but, this might be Prowl."

"Rapidfire, that is highly impossible...Prowl was killed in 2005.  I suggest that we bring him in and scan him to see who he is."

Blackjack simply nods before getting on the radio and speaking to this being.

"This is Blackjack of the Autobots, please identify yourself."

Prowl heard the request and picked up the receiver. "Blackjack, this is Prowl, code name PL-754890." 

Rapidfire heard the code name and enters it into the database.  While the database searches, Rapidfire continues to look at the image.  Eventually, there was a sound to indicate that the search was complete.  Both Rapidfire and Blackjack look at the information that is brought up.

Name: Prowl

Code name: PL-754890

Faction: Autobots

Function: Military Strategist/Analyst

Ranking: Second-in-Command under Optimus

Status: Deactivated

"How could that be?  He is supposed to be deceased but he is right there, Rapidfire.  I will have him come in for a full scan and checkup."


The gate opens along with a message through the receiver. 

"Prowl, you may enter and head to the med-bay where our medic can examine you."

"Fully noted."

Prowl enters the gates and heads right for the med-bay where he sits on a bench and waits for the medic to arrive.  He sat in silence until he heard some servos coming his way. Prowl glances up at the mech as he approaches him before getting up and following the medic into the med-bay.  He sits on the berth as specified by the medic, while the medic gets the necessary tools out and prepare them for the procedures.

"I am Red Cross and you must be Prowl."  This causes Prowl to look back at Red Cross astounded.

"How did you know?"

Red Cross briefly stops what he is doing.  "For one, you look just like him and two, you have caused a lot of talk around here at Iacon.  However, I am going to give you a checkup and scan to see if you are who you say that you are."  The medic pulls a machine over and attaches the probes to the black and white Cybertronian's arm and activates the machine, which begins gathering data from him.  While the machine gathers data, Red Cross begins a thorough check-up on the mech. 

Eventually, the two procedures were complete and Red Cross takes the data read-out so that he can study it. Before he leaves, he calmly says, "Alright, just sit tight, I will not be gone very long.  Prowl simply nods and stays there on the repair berth.  Eventually, he decides to lay on the repair berth while he waits for the results. He peacefully rests there but it was disturbed when he heard the repair bay doors whoosh open with Red Cross and the base's officers.

"So, this is Prowl, Optimus well-known tactician."

Red Cross quickly responded, "Yes, sir. Well, according to the scan and the health information in the database from Ratchet, this is him."

With the two of them talking, Prowl wakes up to face them. 

"Prowl, what would you like to do?"

The tactician gazes at the officer and responds, "I am hoping that I am allowed to return to the Autobots.  I have been away from it for a such long time. And I feel that I can fulfill my duties as tactician if the Cybertron-based Autobots will allow me to do so."

Blackjack looks at Prowl while listening to what he would like to do.  During this time, it was still hard to believe that Optimus' old tactical advisor is sitting right there on the repair berth.  Everything about this mech is indicating that this is truly him.  After much thought, he replies,

"Let me radio Rapidfire and check with him." Prowl simply nods. 

Blackjack activates his commlink.  "Rapidfire, I am here with Prowl.  According to Red Cross, I am here in the med-bay with Prowl, who has indicated that he would like to rejoin the Autobots."

Rapidfire picks up after he listens to the message. "We could use a tactician so he can stay."

After much discussion back and forth between Blackjack and Rapidfire, Blackjack turns to Prowl.  "Ok, you can stay."  He heads on out of the med-bay while giving Prowl the hand signal to come on.  "Come on, I will show you your personal quarters."  By hearing this, Prowl hoists himself off of the repair berth and meets up with Blackjack.  The two of them walk side-by-side and chatted after Prowl had his insignia redone on his chest.   Eventually, they stopped and Blackjack hands Prowl the door code.  "So, how are you going to fix my database entry assuming that it indicates that I am deactivated?"  Blackjack lightly smiles and replies, "Do not worry, Rapidfire already put in a request to have it changed to indicate that you have been reactivated. Anyhow, welcome back to the Autobots, Commander Prowl." Blackjack salutes Prowl, who returns the salute. 

With that, he left Prowl at his quarters and the old Autobot enters his room to see it.   As the lights flicker on, he gazes about his room.  It was not super small as if he was a new recruit and it was certainly not his old room when he was Optimus' second-in-command.  However, it was a very nice room with a good sized berth and personal console.  There was a decant sized window that looks over Iacon.  He strolled over to it and placed his hands on the window sill and leans his head against the window.  It felt good to be back with the Autobots but he had a feeling that it would be a tough road ahead of him.  While gazing over Iacon and reflecting about things, his commlink beeps in.

"Prowl, it is Rapidfire...I would like for you meet me in the armory."

Prowl left his personal room to head towards the armory to find Rapidfire.  As he enters, he notices an Autobot slightly taller than he is.

"Rapidfire, I presume."

"You are correct."  Rapidfire looks at the tactician and remains silent.

"What did you need to see me about?"

Rapidfire grabs a case and holds it so that the opening faces the strategist.  "I believe that this is yours." Prowl unlatches the case and opens it.  Laying in the case was red velvet with a smaller latch.  Once it was undone, he could open it further.  Inside all of the velvet was his old acid pellet gun.  Rapidfire watched as Prowl brushed his hand on the gun's metal before he carefully lifts the gun out of the case.  On the butt end of the rifle, 'Prowl' was inscribed in script.  Prowl carefully studies it and see how it felt in his hands again. 

"This is my original acid pellet gun.  Optimus gave it to me when I became his second-in-command."

As Prowl studies his beloved rifle, Rapidfire carefully places the case back on a table.  He walks off to get some more items.  Eventually, he comes back with several things in his arms.  Prowl glance over to see Rapidfire with more items and he too recognized the items.  He pulled up a chair and sat down while patiently waiting as Rapidfire began replacing his shoulder cannons back on him. 

"We modified them so that you can store them in your robot mode rather than not having them at all or having like your two brothers."

"Understandable, Rapidfire."

With not much time wasted, Prowl had all of his weaponry back with him.  He stands up and accidentally saw his reflection, he simply displayed a light smile.  He grabbed his rifle and subspaced before heading on out of the armory.  Before going out of the armory, he stops and looks back at Rapidfire.  "Thank you for allowing me rejoin the Autobots."  With that he headed back to his quarters, where he subspaced his shoulder cannons.  Once they were away, he climbed onto his berth and instantly fell into his recharge cycle.

Part 5

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