Year: 2889

Note: if you do not recognize the events, well…they are from the Elpis thread. ShadowShock and AngelicKnight belong to the respective owners.

While walking the corridors of the Autobots’ Cybertronian base, which has become my home again, Prowl heard two young Autobots racing around and horse-playing in the base. This frustrated the old tactician, who still regarded a base as a home but for military operations against the Decepticons. He was about to get to the bottom of the situation and eventually met with Springer, who he learned was under Hot Rod’s who later became Rodimus Prime. When the two of them approach the scene of young Autobots goofing around, they both encounter a being, AngelicKnight, who had an interesting look to him. At the time, Prowl did not realize that this is the Autobots’ new Supreme Commander. For now, there was a matter at hand…the news of one of the Autobots being captured by the ArmourCommandos was more important.

When Ultra Magnus asked Prowl how long he needed to determine what the best strategy to save Orion is. The small tactician decided that it could take a few weeks in order to allow the service teams to repair AngelicKnight’s ship, his team can rest here for a bit, as well as he can dig up information about the ArmourCommandos and the situation that is at hand. Ultra Magnus agreed to the time-limit, however, Springer had other things on his processor about the situation.

While Prowl was heading to his office, he noticed that he got a few somewhat odd looks but he did not seem to mind. He did not even seem to notice that Ultra Magnus recommended that AngelicKnight to take Prowl along with him on this mission. This caused AngelicKnight to look at Prowl’s personal monitor in the command center. As he looked at the monitor, he begin to see that Prowl is a strategist who is logical. While AngelicKnight was looking at the screen, Prowl returned with some of the files tucked under his arm. He could hear what Ultra Magnus and AngelicKnight were saying. He broke the conversation by speaking to AngelicKnight, “Whatever you had in mind, Angelic, and I am willing to work with you."

A short time later, AngelicKnight looked at both Prowl and Ultra Magnus before making his request. "I want Prowl to join my crew aboard the Elpis. We need a strategist if we are going to have any hope of launching a full scale rescue operation." Before Prowl could say anything, Ultra Magnus piped in his input.

"Agreed. Prowl, you are hereby reassigned to the Elpis under Angelic Knight's command. You will work with him closely, and will report directly to him. This will also change your hierarchy; Prowl will be fourth in command behind Orion Pax upon his return."

On the outside, Prowl simply nods to indicate that he accepts that he has been reassigned after all of this time. But on the inside, he was not sure what has in stored for him. Since he was resurrected, he was just a tactician nothing else. He did not hold any rank…now he was AngelicKnight’s fourth in command. He looks at AngelicKnight with a keen look in his optics. "Sir, I will not let you down. I am an Autobot that is true to his word. When I said I am willing to work with you, I meant it."

AngelicKnight looked back at the smaller Autobot and replied, "Prowl, acquaint yourself with ShadowShock. She is my second in command and will be assisting with all command duties." The old strategist sat there at his console and wondered if Shadowshock is going to help him out by introducing herself. After much time glancing over the files, he wandered to the hanger where the Elpis was currently being housed to indicate I was ready to go. While being in the hanger, AngelicKnight approached him.

"Prowl, board the Elpis with us. You will act as Chief of Security until Orion's return. Acquaint yourself with the ship's systems and Teletraan-16. I also need a full review of the ship's security systems. We have had...many visitations lately, and I wish to ensure our systems have not been compromised."

As soon as he gave his orders to him, AngelicKnight turned to ShadowShock, who Prowl was suppose to meet up with earlier, and gave her some orders. At this point, ShadowShock looked at the older Autobot and introduced herself. After much discussion, ShadowShock led him in the Security room where Teletraan-16 is housed. Right after Teletraan-16 was brought to life, ShadowShock introduced Prowl to the new super computer.

“Welcome to the Elpis, Prowl; my history banks are filled with your knowledge. However, I can't help but wonder how you managed to survive your attack by Megatron? Or, is your arrival a result of the same anomaly that has another version of Optimus Prime and the three recently deceased Wreckers?"

This bit piece of information hurt Prowl’s processor. He could not believe that his knowledge was placed in Teletraan-16. Was he that good of a strategist that his information would be transferred to a computer for later use? What really hurt him was to be reminded of his death and the attack on the shuttle. Prowl got very quiet and briefly looked away from Teletran-16. It was a subject that he did not like talking about. While working at Teletraan-16, an intruder alarm was triggered which Prowl had to go and investigate. It turned out to be a teenage female that looked different than anything he has encountered in the 1980s. What frightened him was that she was coming after him with blades on her feet and arms. She did not show her human face until he collapsed onto the floor. Soon after she asked if I was ok. While I was trying to come to, the young female introduced herself to one of Prowl’s new teammates. Prowl heard this but did not make out what someone else says about him looking mean. Eventually, Prowl comes to with the usual massive processor ache. Prowl indicated that he is alright and introduces himself to her. Apparently his name caught her attention since she indicated that she knows of a Prowl that looks different from him. This did not help Prowl’s processor ache as he wanders back into the security room.

While waiting to depart for the rescue mission, he sat there again and realizing that by accepting a position in AngelicKnight’s unit, he was back to where he is meant to be, being a strategist as well as doing some security work on the side. He also wondered if this is what Optimus indicated to him when they spotted each other on Cybertron. His former Supreme Commander’s words could still be heard.

“You are truly needed Prowl. There is a massive problem that could possibly occur in the future. I do not have all of the details at this moment in time. But, I have a strong feel that you will be recruited and be right where you belong. You will know when the time is right.”

As he heard these words in his processor, he hopes that he will not let AngelicKnight down. Apparently, he had 2 second chances, one being alive again and this being his second chance as an Autobot again.


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