“I have a plan on how to obtain a tactician that would help me defeat our enemies.” Megatron calmly implies to one of his officers.

“Do you want me to start recruiting one for our cause, sir?”

“NO, that would not be necessary. There is a spark that is from a well-known Autobot tactician from the past. If I can somehow reactivate his spark and have him become one of us.”

“Are you sure that is wise, sir?”

“Yeah, I am sure that there would be no problems. Never question my judgment!!” Megatron says as he growls at his officer, which causes him to flinch.

“Yes, sir.”

“Now, go take the dead spark to the lab. Be very careful with it. If you do, the entire procedure would be wasted.” The officer goes to grab the container that held the very old spark that was completely dark and silent. There was no radiating from it to indicate that there was once an Autobot soul within it. As the officer take the container to the lab, he gazes at the container to see a small label on it. He studies it to see what it says on it but it was hard to make out due to dust on it. So, he gently wipes it in order to get rid of the dust. As he cleaned the label, it revealed a faded name. Only the first and last letters could be read. Eventually, the officer enters the lab with the container and places it on the specified counter just before Megatron hooks up the spark to a machine.

“Whose spark does that belong to?”

“It is Prowl’s.”

This piece of news shocked Megatron’s officer. “I thought that he and the rest of the Autobots that were killed in 2005 were sent into sun. So, did we obtain his spark then?”

“Back in 2005, he was offlined and someone snatched his spark out of his chassis before his body and his comrades could be sent into the sun. Now, we will try to reactivate his spark.”

Megatron activated the machine’s controls. Once everything was ready to perform the procedure, Megatron threw the switch. An immense glow surrounded the darkened spark to try to allow it gain new energy. Within the glow, light blue streaks of light were showing up within the spark, which pleased Megatron so he added more power. But a freak accident begin to occur, the extra power caused too much energy to enter the spark. It was unknown to Megatron that an intense Cybertronian storm was occurring outside. Several of the lightning streaks strike the building and affecting the machine. Megatron watched as the dead spark began to duplicate itself.

“Oh no…this was not suppose to happen. Sparks are not meant to replicate themselves. Toss Prowl’s spark out of here and this procedure never to be spoken of again…it will be labeled as classified.”

The spark was placed back into the container, where it was glowing at half strength after being dark for a long period of time. Megatron’s officer got rid of it by placing it in Iacon where he hoped that an Autobot could do something with it. Eventually, an elder scientist found it and took it to his lab where he examined the label. He cleaned it further and the name revealed itself.

“We need you more than one can imagine.”

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