Over the next couple of meta-cycles, the elder Cybertronian continues to pump energy into the spark. During the beginning of the process, he thoroughly thought about which look he ought to go with…his old Cybertronian look or go with his most recent one, which was stored in Teletraan-1’s database after the super-computer scanned the vehicle mode right after the volcanic eruption, what is later found out to occur on Earth just outside of Portland, Oregon. As the elder studies the two possible, he had trouble but wonder why would Teletraan-1 scan that alt. mode for him but it seemed to suit him in terms of looks.

Which one shall I build for him? His Cybertronian or Earth look? If I go with his Cybertronian look, he would get around Cybertron relatively easily. But if we go with the Earthen look, he along with other Autobots might remember who he is.

While the spark was gaining more power, the elder begin building the body that would house the spark. He did everything according to Prowl’s file in hope that it would minimize some problems. The process was long and tiring and eventually, the spark was at full power and ready to go in the newly formed body. The chest is fully open to reveal the spark chamber and awaiting for the spark. The elder Cybertronian gently takes the spark and carefully places it in the chamber before closing the chest.

“Ok, Prowl is all up to you now.”

astroseconds tick on by with nothing occurring. There was no movement, no sound, no nothing, just empty silence. The elder begin to wonder if the procedure should not been done and the death of this Autobot was meant to be. More astroseconds tick by and still nothing. The elder decides to go for a recharge cycle and check on the Autobot’s progress later. Right as the elder falls into a recharge cycle in his personal quarters, there was a small amount of movement within the Autobot. It was very subtle; one of his fingers was softly tapping against the surface.

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