"bearings" ("balls", "guts", "nerve", "courage")

"bust a gasket" ("lose it")

"circuits sizzle" ("blood boil")

"core"/"at his core" ("heart"/"at heart")

"glitch" ("lose it")

"Inferno"/"send them back to the Inferno" ("Hell"/"send them back to Hell")

"Leakin' lubricant!" ("Leapin' lizards!")

"Primus" ("God")

"Scrap!" ("Crap!")

"shift gears" ("cool it", "settle down")

"slag" ("

"slaggin'" ("effin'")

"slag it" ("screw it", "to heck with it")

"tough-bot" ("tough guy")

"What in the Matrix...?" ("What in the world...?")


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