Selected Transformer curse words

If you do not like these words, then I do not know what to say....

Anatomic euphemism

assorted bits of human anatomy, especially the one you sit on. Most are real mechanical or electronic terms, and also presumably real parts of Transformer anatomy. A few are also the names of Transformers.

Selected ones as examples:



"Blow it out your actuator, three-face."

Blackarachnia, "Transform and Roll Out!", Transformers Animated


"Say uncle, or I'll shove your nose in your afterburner!"

Sideswipe, "City of Steel", Generation 1 cartoon

"Now, let's kick afterburners!"

Slingshot, "Aerial Assault", Generation One cartoon

"Kiss your afterburners goodbye, Decepticon slime!!"

Spike Witwicky, "The Rebirth, Part 3", Generation One cartoon


"Thus guy's got bearings of chrome steel."

Rhinox, "Beast Wars (Part 1)", Beast Wars

Boron Compressor

"We were brilliant in battle, Megatron. The Dinobots overwhelmed us with sheer brute force!"
         "Brilliant, my boron compressor!"

Starscream and Megatron, "War of the Dinobots", Generation 1 cartoon

Command module

"Stick it in your command module, eight-eyes."

Rattrap, "Power Surge", Beast Wars


"Sorry about yankin' your crankcase."

Bulkhead, "Total Meltdown", Transformers Animated


"Aw, go ding your diodes and get defunct, Megatron. I'm not helping you do zilch."

Gears, "Changing Gears", Generation 1 cartoon

"Me Grimlock here again, Optimus Prime, to pull your diodes out of laser fire."

Grimlock, "Atlantis, Arise!", Generation 1 cartoon

"Chumley, you're one royal pain in the diode."

Optimus Prime, "Prime Target", Generation 1 cartoon

"I'll rip you to pieces with my bare claws, tear out your circuits with my teeth, and spit your diodes back at you!"

Scorponok (hopefully using a different definition of "diodes") to Unicron, "On the Edge of Extinction!", Generation One Marvel comic

"Have you blown a diode?! I'm trying to work here!"

Shockwave to Lugnut, "Endgame, Part 1", Transformers Animated


"All right, we're heading back to the plant. I'll alert Ratchet he's got some repairs to do. Including a full diagnostic on your drivetrain."

Optimus Prime[1], "SUV: Society of Ultimate Villainy", Transformers Animated

Exhaust port

"Tell Megatron to blow it out his exhaust port. We're having a demolition derby."

Drag Strip mouthing off, "Starscream's Brigade", Generation 1 cartoon


"Optimus! Elita-1! Get your fan belts in gear!"

Sentinel Prime, "Along Came a Spider", Transformers Animated

Gear Box

"What's with you two? [Gestures toward pants area.] Is my gearbox hangin' out or somethin'?"

Rattrap, "Aftermath", Beast Wars

Hard drive

"So, Sentinel Prime, take your order, and your condescending attitude, and stick 'em in your hard drive! You're on my turf now!"

Optimus Prime, "The Elite Guard", Transformers Animated


"The other equipment has been salvaged, but you took the alien Transmetal driver. Where is it?"
"Gone. Ain't that a kick in the lugnuts?"

Megatron and Depth Charge, "Feral Scream Part 2", Beast Wars

Magna Fuses

"Kiss your magna fuses goodbye, Autobots!"

Megatron, "Fire on the Mountain", Generation One cartoon


"I've got a plan, if all of you have the cast-iron manifolds for it."

Prowl, "The Ultimate Doom, Part 1", Generation 1 cartoon

"I don't like the idea of Megatron getting the antimatter formula. He can't be trusted!"
"Sure can't, manifold-mouth!"

Starscream and Bluestreak, "Roll For It", Generation 1 cartoon


"Way to go, numb nodes!"

Wasp, "Autoboot Camp", Transformers Animated

Piston Rod

"We wanted to thank you for all that extra punishment, piston rod!"

Wasp, "Autoboot Camp", Transformers Animated

"Don't just stand there with your pistons in your servos!"

Sentinel Prime (Animated), "Predacons Rising", Transformers Animated

Reactor Linkage

"I repeat, Decepticons—surrender, or face the consequences!"
"Yeah, and we repeat—go stuff it up your reactor linkage!"

Optimus Prime and Tailwind, "The Resurrection Gambit!", Generation One Marvel comic


"Yeah? And you can just kiss my skidplate, fearless leader. 'Cause I ain't goin' out there and gettin' my pelt punctured!"

Rattrap,[2] "Beast Wars (Part 1)", Beast Wars

"You know me, I can't resist the upgrades."
"And you know me, Masterson. I can't resist kicking your skidplate!"

Headmaster and Optimus Prime, "The Return of the Headmaster", Transformers Animated


"That's 'cause we kicked their sorry solenoids!"

Bumblebee, "The Elite Guard", Transformers Animated

"The Elite Guard has done nothing but bust our solenoids since they got here!"

Bumblebee, "Mission Accomplished", Transformers Animated


"Strutless cowards!"

Starscream, Infiltration issue 6, IDW Comics


"Now they've got their tailpipes between their legs!"

Bombshell, "Quest for Survival", Generation One cartoon

"Hey, if you took that broomstick out of your tailpipe every once in a while, you might have some fun for a change!"

Rattrap, "The Agenda (Part 1)", Beast Wars

"Jetstorm! Get your tailpipe over here! I need back up!"

Thrust "In Darkest Knight", Beast Machines

"Whoa! What crawled up your tailpipe?"

Bumblebee, "The Thrill of the Hunt", Transformers Animated


"Fine. Whatever makes you a happy Decepticon. Just watch your rear thruster."

Rodimus Prime, "The Return of Optimus Prime, Part 1", Generation One cartoon


"If you guys don't give me my circuit back, I'm gonna start kickin' transistor!"

Gears, "Changing Gears", Generation One cartoon

"We are in deep transistor parts!"

Skyfire, "Day of the Machines", Generation One cartoon


"I'm goin', too. I'm gonna boot some Decepticon right in his turbocharger."

Cliffjumper, "More Than Meets the Eye, Part 1", Generation One cartoon

More Curse Words

Frag was a curse used by Transformers.

Scrap was a Transformer phrase which refered to damaged or demolished equipment. To refer to someone as scrap or scrapmetal was a powerful insult.

Slag is an expletive sometimes used by Transformers. First used in the episode The Return of Optimus Prime, Part 2 of the original series (Galvatron to the hateplague-infected Cyclonus: "Die, you worthless piece of slag!", right before he became infected himself), and later on Beast Wars, it has caught on in most subsequent series. Slag is one of the most versatile words in the Cybertronian Vernacular.

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