The Transformers had different units of time than we did.  The list is provided below but it would be cool to see the equivalents in everyday units.  It might be a tad confusing because Transformers universe had its own but I am willing to give it a shot, eventually.


Name Continuity Duration Description/Reference (if any)
Astrosecond   .498 seconds 1/1000th of a breem.  It would be more than than a million years if done properly however, in the Generation 1 cartoon, astroseconds appeared to be much shorter than one second each.
Breem   8.3 minutes  
Century   ????? "Cybertronian century" = millions of years. 
Cycle G1 UK comics 2 hours  
Cycle Beast Wars ~1 minute very roughly equivalent to a minute.
Cycle IDW comics 1 hour 15 min (1.25 hours) defined by Simon Furman
Deca-cycle Beast Wars ~ 1 year  
Deca-cycle IDW comics ~ 3 weeks defined by Simon Furman
Groon   ~1 hour From "The Magnificant Six" comic in the Generation 1 UK comics
Joor   ????? From "The Magnificant Six" comic in the Generation 1 UK comics
Kilk   1.2 Earth Minutes Defined by Simon Furman
Mega-cycle Animated ???? "Lost and Found" episode--season 1.  Ratchet estimated that it would take 10 mega-cycles to repair the Ark with the help of Sari's key.
Mega-cycle Beast-wars ~1 hour  
Mega-cycle IDW comics 93 hours defined by Simon Furman
Mega-cycle   13 months  
Milli-cycle   ???? often mentioned since the 6th episode in Beast Wars
Nano-kilk Animated ~1 second or ~1 minute In "Home is Where the Spark is", this got mentioned during a conversation between Optimus Prime and Prowl. 
Nano-kilk Beast Wars ~1 second  
Orn   ??????? "one Cybertronian lunar day".
Quartex   ????? very first episode (MTMTE)--1984.  A conversation between Wheeljack and Bumblebee. 
Solar Cycle Animated ~1 year In "Transform and Roll Out part 3", Starscream refers to the 50-year span between the Ark/Nemesis battle and the present as 50 solar cycles.
Solar cycle Beast Machines ~1 day "The Weak Component", Rattrap say "half a solar cycle" to leave the Predacons alone in order to gain strength--one night, from dusk to dawn.
Stellar cycle Animated ~1 year synonymous with solar cycle in this continuity.
Stellar cycle Beast Wars ~400 days Orbital period (a Cybertronian "year").  Cybertron's rotational period ("day") is ~20 hours?
Stellar cycle IDW comics ~7.5 months defined by Simon Furman
Trimara Beast Wars ????? Beast Wars: The Ascending #2
Vorn   83 years  

Source: Teletraan I: The Transformers Wiki

Another chart developed by a personal friend of mine, Raven, owner of The Shadow Realm.   Cybertronian Unit chart


Name Continuty Equivalent References (if any)
Hic Generation 1 ~mile or kilometer  
Mechanometer Generation 1 ??????  
Megamile Generation 1 ????? at the beginning of the MTMTE part I episode: Wheeljack
vun Generation 1 ~hectometer  

Source: Teletraan I: The Transformers Wiki


Name Continuity Equivalent References (if any)
Astroliters Generation 1 ??????? "In the Ultimate Doom part 3" episode, Prowl calculated that it would an explosion of 10 billion astroliters of energy to get Cybertron out of Earth's orbit.

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