Transformers Government


Cybteronian Empire--

Decepticon Empire---

Maximal Imperium--the governing body of the Maximals on Beast Wars Cybertron.

The three members of the Imperium are the "Right Honorable":

They combine to form Magnaboss

Predacon Alliance---shows evidence of being a splintered organization. 

It was splintered among various factions:

Tripredacus Council meet in secret in undisclosed locations, and plot the return of the Predacons to glory, though under their terms. They choose to wait and grow strong before attacking, but many Predacons are impatient. This has led to some rogue behavior among the Predacon ranks.

Maximal High Council of Elders/Maximal Elders, are the Maximals who lead the political and military fronts from planet Cybertron following the conclusion of the Great War. They allow the Predacons certain individual freedoms as their own faction, though in reality, they must answer to the Maximal Elders. The Maximal Elders aren't all sugar and rainbows, however, as they have greenlit several experiments of questionable ethics.  

Pax Cybertronia was the unilateral peace accord signed after the Autobots defeated the Decepticons in the Great War

Unified Cybteronian Government--



Predacon Council (RiD)-- sent Megatron to find and take control of the monolithic Autobot warrior Fortress Maximus.

Council of Ancients-- keepers of Cybertron's many secrets. They care for the Matrix while the next Matrix-bearer is chosen, and are rumored to quietly pull the strings of the Autobot government. Megatron has alleged that one of the factors that led to the Decepticon uprising was his discovery that the Ancients were pawns of the Quintessons.

Tripredacus Council--see above

High Councils

Autobot High Council--

Decepticon High Council-- the governing body of the Decepticon Empire. Among it's powers is the right to appoint the leader of the Decepticon army.   They could have been a temporary body to deal with the then-current leadership crisis.  

Maximal High Council


Autobot Council of Elders---

Maximal Elders--see above


Senate--- the legislative body of pre-war Cybertron. While the Prime and the Autobot Security Services may hold military and police powers, the Senate creates the laws they enforce.

Political titles


Emperor of Destruction

High Councillor



Over Lord


Supreme Commander