Cosmic Rust--a microorganism that devours Cybertronian metals. An infected Transformer starts growing a rust-like substance all over their body. Eventually, the corrosion causes the Transformer to waste away to nothing. The only know cure is Corr-o-Stop, which is a substance that was invented by Perceptor in order to remove corrosion of any form and protect substances from future corrosion.

Episode:  Generation 1 (Second season)---Cosmic Rust

Cyber-Virus--fuses human DNA with Tansformer central circuitry. The resulting virus spreads organically, then solidifies into metal, transforming Earth's landscape into a semblance of the planet Cybertron.  Once it begins spreading, the virus is self-sustaining.

    Comic: Prime Directive (Dreamwave)

Ear Fungus--a human medical condition that may be associated with flu-like symptoms and can be spot-diagnosed by shining a bright blue light into the ear canal. It is possible that it is in some way related to the presence or non-presence of N.B.E.s on Earth. Or maybe it isn't.

Hate Plague--one of the few maladies capable of affecting Transformers. Any organism, when infected, turns bright red and displays incredibly high levels of aggression toward everything and everyone.

Episode: Generation 1 (Third season)--Return of Optimus Prime parts 1 and 2

extremely infectious (being instantly transmitted by touch, or by an extremely heavy concentration of the spores in the air), certain metals (such as the heat-resistant alloy featured in the same episode) can block the spores out. Only pure knowledge could truly contain or defeat the spores.

Photodegradation---"yellowing," is the phenomenon by which the plastics comprising a TF toy discolor over time. The process is generally started by exposure to ultraviolet light, whether from natural sunlight or fluorescent lighting. It is most noticeable on figures with bright white or light grey plastics, although it actually happens to virtually all colors.  It is impossible to reverse.  Do not confuse it with cigarette smoke residue, which also leaves a yellowish cast on plastic (and can be removed with toothpaste or other products designed to remove cigarette stains) or sun damage, a bleaching effect caused by exposure to direct sunlight. 

Space barnacles--parasitic life-forms that attach themselves to spacecraft. Adapting behavior like a computer virus, they drain a host's energy and can only be removed with extreme heat. Space barnacles multiply very quickly, spreading to a new host through physical contact and taking it over in a short amount of time.

Episode: Transformers-Animated (Nature Calls) where they infected Bumblebee and Prowl.

Transformation paralysis---a condition where a Transformer finds themselves locked into their alternate mode.  

Source: http://transformers.wikia.com/wiki/Category:Diseases

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