It has been a long and daring day for one extremely exhausted Autobot. He slight stumbling down the long hallways back to his quarters in the Ark gave a true indication of how he was feeling emotionally not to mention physically. His brilliant blue optics gave an indication that the bot ought to go to his berth and take a nice and deep recharge. Eventually, he makes it to his door. He tirely punches in his code into the keypad. The door slides open to his command. Due to how he tired is, he nearly catches a foot in the doorway and trips into his quarters. However, luckily he catches his footing just before the door slides into the closed position. As he walks over to his comfortable berth, he stretches one of his arms while yawning and covering his mouth when a yawn escapes his mouth. Then shaking his head from side to side as if there are cobwebs in there.

Once he makes it to his berth, he crawls onto it before reaching up to turn off the lights. He gently lays his robotic body onto its side in fatal position, which was found to be his most comfortable laying position due to certain two long items on his back that can be virtually uncomfortable when their owner is laying on his back. Even as he is laying in his most comfortable position, he could simply not fall asleep and kept on tossing and turning due to his powerful and overactive processor. It seemed like it was going hundred miles a second. But he continues to try to fall into a deep recharge, which is what his body desperately needed and was demanding for it.

After several tries, he admits to defeat and cautiously tries to locate the switch for the light, which was eventually found and his optics tries to adjust going from pitch darkness to a lighted room again. He searches for a Transformer-sized book, that was designed for the Autobots, near his berth. Carly suggested that writing in a journal can help one to put their mind or in the Autobots' case, their processor at ease and asleep peacefully. This Autobot felt that this would be a good place to write about having two brothers. He positions himself into a sitting position and finds a clean page to begin some writing.


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Created on September 6, 2010    Updated on September 6, 2010