Life Cycle--Beginnings

"Mecha-minder"---monitors a protoform, as it is the only baby-like stage Transformers appear to experience.

Primary programming---stage of Transformer development that seems to be somewhat akin to Elementary school for humans, where they learn the basics of functioning in society. Upon graduation, Transformers are considered ready to take up their function, though they may still be quite young and immature.

Protoform---an unfinished, "embryonic" Transformer body

spark---the lifeforce, or soul, of a Transformer.  This is the first stage of the life of a Transformer no matter if they are an Autobot or a Decepticon.  Protoforms are transported or stored in stasis lock, in which state they look like smooth, robotic humanoids (right.) When not in stasis lock, protoforms are a roiling mass of liquid metal around their internal frame.


statis pod--used to store a Transformer protoform newborn until it has its spark installed, is given programming, and is formatted into a functional adult Transformer. The protoform is sealed safely inside the stasis pod, supported by nothing more than a lubricating fluid. In normal use, an exploration ship will carry several stasis pods, seed a planet with them, and the stasis pods would scan for native forms and birth new Transformer life.  Additionally, some of such a vessel's stasis pods will house "blank" protoforms, which are lifeless and do not contain sparks.


Life Cycle--Endings

"The Matrix/The Allspark"--where Transformers return to after they die--Transformers afterlife. 

Statis Lock---a critical state of being for Transformers. Stasis lock is a sort of coma that allows a Transformer to stay alive, running at the lowest level of power, despite massive energy loss or traumatic damage. Stasis lock can come about in a few different ways.

Shock of massive damage from the crash of the Ark 4 million years ago (Generation 1)-->emergency statis lock

a more gradual process and can come about from damage and energy depletion over a longer period of time. This method is a conscious decision, and the Transformer can choose to override stasis lock, unlike the first way which seems to be an unconscious action by the Transformer's on-board computer.

Everyday life

Berth---Transformers equivalent of a bed

Recharge---Transformers equivalent to sleeping

Recharging chambers--see berth

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