Optimus Prime watched from a distance as Ratchet repaired Prowl after an attack. He was in pretty bad shape but hopefully Ratchet can repair him. While he was being fixed, Optimus have been thinking about some things and would wait to see if how he would feel when he is repaired. Eventually, Ratchet approached me while wiping a hands on a towl that was between them. He looked at Ratchet with a deep concern in my golden optics.

"Well, Ratchet, how is he?"

Optimus listened intensely to Ratchet explain that he was in pretty bad shape but he will pull through.

"May I go see him?"

Ratchet explains that Optimus can go see him but just be careful with him since he was just repaired. He simply nod and walk up to the repair berth that has Prowl hooked to several machines. When the Autobot leader approached Prowl, who appeared to be resting but he certainly looked more alive than he did earlier. Optimus simply kneel down to his level and glare at him. Eventually, he turns his head towards me with his own golden optics looking at me. Prowl looked relatively weak considering what he has gone through.

"How are you feeling, Prowl?"

Optimus wanted to start the conversation with something simple.  Prowl thought about how to answer Optimus' question as his golden optics went back and forth since he was not sure how to answer them.

"I am ok....I suppose. I am...ugh" Prowl's hands formed into fists. "disgusted with myself for what happened."

At this point, Prowl just realized that he was hurting physically not to mention mentally. While he spoke, he was surprised at how his voice sounded with the desperation in it. Even though his hands, arms and various parts of Prowl body were connected to machines monitoring my progress, he brought his open-palm hands to his face and quietly cried.

"I was caught fully unaware."

While Optimus listens to Prowl cry quietly, he gently rubbed his neared shoulder while being considerate of his injuries. It pains him to see anyone like this and he was feeling stress due to the situation that is occurring on Cybertron.

"Prowl, please do not be too hard on yourself. How were you going to know what Megatron true motive was going to be. Listen, I want to ask you something and you do not have to give a final answer right now, ok?"

Optimus watched Prowl take his hands away from his face and nodded as a way to invite him to proceed. Optimus also gives him an inquisitive facial expression.

"I know that you indicated that you were restricted to sentry duties even though you were a part of Magatron's forces, but......"

Optimus stopped to think about how to phrase it.

"But, I wondering if you would like to be beneath me. If this situation gets worse, I would like for you to be my tactician. For the time-being, I want you to think about it, but most importantly, I want you to get well and fully recover from the attack."

He caressed Prowl's shoulder before leaving the med-bay.

In Prowl's weakened state, he gazed at Optimus' back as the taller Cybertronian exited the med-bay. Once he was out of sight, Prowl lowered himself down so that he could get a recharge. Eventually, his golden optics close as he drifted off. In the background, the beeps from the machines could be heard along with the Energon drips from an IV. There he tries to rest peacefully and try to get some of his energy back. As Prowl laid there on a repair berth, he could still the events that occurred and it was truly frightening. He tried to push through the fears and go back into my recharge. Eventually, it was becoming too much and my golden optics flashed open wide. Prowl immediately shot up into a sitting position and gasp. Luckily, none of the machines' wires pulled out of his body.
at I am going to do?"
He has a choice to work under Optimus with an entirely function and a chance to fight or going back to doing sentry duties for Megatron. Either way Prowl was a potential target with the situation on Cybertron turns into a full-out Civil War. He essentially sat there while deeply thinking about the situation on Cybertron as well as his own. As Prowl thought about Optimus' speech earlier, he realized that Optimus could give Prowl what he need...support and guidance. Plus, he would rather defend Cybertron rather than seeking out and destroying things as well as looking for trouble. If Prowl went back to working for Megatron, I would never get to defend for Cybertron or fully protect the All-Spark. As he was thinking about everything, Prowl was becoming more and more exhausted and he leaned back to fall in recharge while being aware of the wires and cords so that he do not pull them out. Prowl could feel his optics becoming rather heavy and he was losing a battle of trying to stay awake. When his optics closed, he recharged soundly and figured that he would go and talk to Optimus about the possibility and his invitation. 

For the longest time, Optimus wondered if Prowl would take the offer or not. He also begin to wonder if he did not, what would happen to him? Would he go back to working for Megatron or would he stay neutral while this potential war occurs. Even though Optimus believe that he made the right choice, but how would it turn out in the long run. These ponderings would cause me to pace back and forth in his office or wherever that he may be among my Autobots. At times, his fellow Autobots would claim that he would make a rut in the floor by my pacing. For now, Optimus can only hope that he makes the right decision for himself.

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