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Circuit-Su--focuses heavily on mental and spiritual discipline, often to the exclusion of the physical. Practitioners study the focusing of their willpower, as well as the nature of their sparks. It is rumored that masters of this fighting style can actually harness their spark energy as a physical attack.

Crystalocution--An ancient martial art in which opponents are destroyed via striking their metal fracture points. Among its known practitioners are

A Diskmaster uses explosive disks in combat usually in both their robot and alternate forms. Disks may be rigged to explode at the time and place of the master's choosing--Beast Wars.



Jet Judo is the art of Judoing jets, apparently. Sideswipe and Sunstreaker are the only known practitioners of this mysterious art. Well, come to think of it, Starscream seems pretty good at it too (2007 Live Action movie).

Metallikato, owing to its heavy influence on spirituality, is believed to be the most obscurely practiced and potentially inaccessible of Cybertronian martial arts. Its teachings cull from a wide variety of other martial arts, such as Circuit-Su and Crystalocution, cumulatively emphasizing a variety of attack strategies, though bladed combat is its hallmark. Metallikato has a strict code of ethics to attune its "children" to the "One True Path" of the Ultimate Warrior, a figure of religious legend.

Characters known to use Metallikato include:

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