What does it really mean to be a brother? Does it mean to be someone to comfort someone when they are feeling down? Or to congratulate someone when they have a success? Or is it to support someone as they go through the means of their life? Is a brother a best friend to someone else?  If I had the chance to describe what it means in my spark and processor, I would feel that a brother is all of these, someone close in relationship to support and comfort as well as being there for someone that is close to them.  Now, can they cause some processor aches as well? Oh absolutely. Long time ago, three young Cybertronians had no idea on what their lives would be like when they first came online. 

Kaon: Considered to be the worse place for any Cybertronian to live or even visit and for those who do visit often find out that doing so comes at a high risk if they are not invited.

The civil war has been underway now for a short time and unrest can be felt all over Cybertron as Megatron's legions of Decepticon warriors sweep over the planet and meticulously take over cities and states left and right until a good deal is under Decepticon rule and while the Autobots work diligently to help fight off the ever encroaching evil that was threatening Cybertron right down to the very core.

Shockwave was busy at work in his lab deep in the heart of Kaon. He was one Decepticon that most try to avoid due to his extremely dry sense of humor and lack of emotions on any level, and his reputation he has gained even before the war as one who relishes in experimenting on his fellow Cybertronians.

He had just been visited by Megatron and after he left he was mumbling to himself on how to create a new set of seekers. Seekers that would lack the annoying emotions of the others and who would have special abilities that would set them apart from Starscream and his crew. He stood silent as he looked at a possible solution to some good seekers but first he was going to have to find suitable bodies. He looked over at some of the old unfortunate bots who had met their fates in the arena at Slaughter City then though another possible means…cloning.

He went over to one of his work stations and pulled out a special data disc along with a series of specific scans for Starscream he took when the Air Commander wasn't looking. Then he went through a meticulous process of altering certain aspects to the scans and then loaded it into a full visual viewing of the new seeker. It had a deep green color and as he looked at it in the viewer he called it Acid Storm. He then went through and started doing the programming that would be loaded into the bot once he was built and once he finished with the programming he set to work building the first of three seekers that would be later dubbed The Rainmakers.

After several day of construction he finally stood in front of the three bots, one green in color who was Acid Storm, another who was blue in tone who was called Stormfront, and a third that was called Novastorm. He admired his work in silence for a bit before he gave them the necessary needs to be self aware and able to perform correctly. He then set each one online and waited to see how they responded.

When one of them first come online, he has no idea what to think.  Shortly before, none of his systems were online or even fully functioning.  But a system initiated his spark, which is essentially makes him who he is along with his soul. As the rest of his systems come online, he is given permission to sit up and open his optics.   He then gazes about the room and wonders where he is and who is he.  As far as he could tell, he is one of three Cybertronians that have relatively similar designs but in different colors.  Also, he is the only one that is currently online.  While the others appear to slowly come online for the first time, he gazes at one of his arms as well as his form.  Right now, things are hard to comprehend in why he has this appearance or why there are two others that appear like him except for different colors than what he has. Also, he is not sure  what he is suppose to do in this world.  This is beginning to frustrate him as he tries to comprehend what is going on. He glares intensely at the being who is currently the only other being that is online so the new Cybertronian feels that he might be who created us.  By looking at him, the young Cybertronian can somewhat tell that he too is intensely looking at the three of them. He could no longer contain anger and he had to let out an outburst so that he can show how frustrated he is with this situation. 

"What did you do to us and who am I??!! You better explain yourself and this situation.....NOW!!!!"

Mean while right after hearing some nearby movement, Stormfront then allowed his deep red optics to go online and glance at his body. He did not remember having a body like this one. Within him, he just wanted to boil and be furious at whoever did this to him but he remained silent. However, he began to show some aggressive body language, when he heard the one in green armor speaking, towards the being that had only one optic. He thought to himself, He had better answer him and quickly if he knew how I am truly feeling right now.

Shockwave stood quietly analyzing the two seekers that came online, and when Acid Storm spoke up he could tell he was a bit pissed off but he held very little reaction to the show of aggression, instead he said,

"You are here of my doing, and your presence here is also of the will of our leader Megatron. Your names are Acid Storm and Stormfront, and he is Novastorm." he said and looked over at him just as one of my worker droned went up to the seeker who had yet to wake and went to wake him when his optics opened and almost immediately targeted the drone and fried it. He then looked over at the others.

As Stormfront  listened to the one-optic being named Shockwave, he does not give enough of an explanation to satisfy his processor. During the explanation, one of Shockwaves worker drones comes towards him and attempts to place his body on a berth so that it can check his systems. He did not like this one bit and all of the sudden he pull out a three-prong staff that looked like a trident while growling at the drone. Within a micro-second, he precisely aims it at the drone while in a somewhat sitting position on the berth. An intense glowing lightning bolt emits from the three prongs. The drone is fried by the lightning bolt.

Acid glanced at the third member to see him fry a worker drone while listening to this one-optic Cybertronian. Eventually, he turned back towards Shockwave, while in the background, he could hear another worker drone getting fried by Stormfront. He pointed at Shockwave with an intense glare and said,

"Your explanation is absolutely pathetic!!! It does not tell me very much!!!"

While he was talking to Shockwave, one of Shockwave's worker drones tries to grab him, which he turned his attention promptly towards. This further frustrates and angers him.

"Do not even think about it, drone!!!!!"

He quickly perform a powerful upwards kick to its chin with precision. While it was stunned, he proceeded to perform a roundahouse kick, which sends it flying across the room. Expertly he activate his weaponry, which were two hyperion3 blasters and fired something that was very acidic. The drone becomes nothing but acid. By watching this happen, he realized why he gave the name Acid Storm.

While walking in the corridor, Thrust  heard some shouting coming from Shockwave's lab . He peeked in to see three aerial Cybertronians that he had never seen before. This got him very curious on what was going on in there and where the new seekers came from. However, his curiosity for the time-being did not last very long when the blue aimed something in his direction and fired one of the Shockwave's drones. When he saw the result of the drone and the facial language on the bot along with his body language, he ran for my dear life down the corridor.

"Oh my Primus, who was that? I would hate to make them mad at me!" he said as he ran down the corridor.

While Thundercracker was walking through the corridors, he almost got ran over by Thrust. He heard his frightened voice as he zoomed by him but paid it no mind and went off in another direction. As he did he placed a hand on his helm while shaking his head in dismay and slight confusion. He then thought to himself, " I have no idea on what would have Thrust so frightened in Kaon".  He then muttered outloud, "I do not know what has Thrust so frightened."

When Novastorms optics came online he found himself looking at a drone that was about to lay a hand on him and as he reached out to touch him he grabbed his hand and stood up to his full height while lifting him off the ground and without saying a word Novastorm blasted him with one of his cannons, instantly vaporizing him in a ball of flame.

When the flames settled he looked over at the others then at the one eyed bot in front of them and asked rather bluntly, "Who are you?"
Shockwave watched as the three seekers came online, and it became almost instantaneously clear that this wasn't what he expected, and that the sheer aggression the trio showed was something that was going to be hard to control. He then looked over at Acid Storm and said,

"I do not need to explain myself to you. The only thing you need to know is how to take orders when given, and Megatron will be here soon to inspect you and for your own sake I would behave yourself...he has laid out worse bots than you and he would blast you without a second thought if you disrespect him."

He then looked over at Firestorm who was the last to wake and clearly showed a lack of emotion and when he asked bluntly who he was, Shockwave answered back, "My name is Shockwave."

He then looked at the three of them and said, "You have been given life by me, in return follow my orders...and I won't take that life back." He said with a pause then added, "Each of you have been given some added gifts to make you exceptional warriors and to possibly by-pass the lame excuses for the emotionally ridden other seekers that Megatron has in his employment. Do well and follow his orders just as you would mine and you will prosper, but disobey and the price will be grave...I will give you no more warnings the choice is yours." He said and stood fearless up against the trio even though their exceptional skill have already made Thundercracker and Thrust take off as He had noticed out of the corner of his optic.

Deep within Acid Storm's processor, he felt something while Shockwave spoke directly to him. He is not entirely sure what is happening but it felt odd as if he might be able to control his emotions. When Shockwave spoke to all three of them, he stood their neutrally. Did he gain some control or was it something else?

Exceptional skills and gifts? What kind exactly?

He glances at both Stormfront and Novastorm and wondered if they will be able gain some sense of their aggressiveness. He begins to wonder if all three would be able to work well together if they all can behave and follow orders.

Stormfront's quick burst of frustration and aggression were gone for now while Shockwave speaks to us. Even though he remains silent for now, there is no telling when he will experience another one. He merely stood on one side of the one that Shockwave indicated is Acid Storm. For a bit, he glanced to see that Acid Storm stood at a neutral stance.

Novastorm looked at the one optic bot and as he saw no aggressive action displayed towards them he remained silent for a moment then said, "Seeing as you seem to have a logical mind, I may respect your commands...but I do so at my own choosing...but now tell me, what are these special abilities you speak of?" he asked as he looked at the ashened remains of the drone he incinerated.
"Look into your program protocols, you will find your abilities and weapons each of you have... I will leave the three of you to discover this on your own. And remember what I said about Megatron...." Shockwave said then walked out of the room to allow the three of them the time needed to discover their programming protocols and their weapons.

Before he fully left he slightly looked over his shoulder and said, "Try to not blow up my lab, or Kaon while you are at it..." He said then dissappeared around the corner. He then went off to see Megatron and tell him that they are ready for his inspection.
Once Shockwave left, Acid Storm turns to the other two. "By watching what happened to the drones, I think that I know some of our special abilities."

He turns to Novastorm first. "Novastorm, when you woke up, essentially you fried the drone. With what exactly, I am not sure but it was pretty toxic."

He turns to Stormfront. "Yours appeared to be more with electricity of some sort."

He walks away to find 3 pieces of metal and returns with them and places the metallic pieces on the floor and away from each other.

"Lets do what Shockwave indicated. We each look at our programming and protocols along with weaponry. I grabbed some scrap metal. Test your weaponry and special skills on them."

Stormfront quietly listens to Acid Storm to what he indicates might be some clues about their abilities. While he went off to get something, Stormy simply glance at Novastorm and shrug. Eventually, a scrap piece of metal was laid at their feet. Stormfront checked his program protocols and found several things embedded in there. Within his lower arm compartments, he found missiles.

"My protocols indicate that they can cause a flammable mist, it might be best if I try that outside." Also, he pulls out his three prong staff again and further examines it. He glances down at the scrap piece of metal and proceeds to aim at it with his staff. When he fires it at the metal, a electric streak comes out of the three edges just as it did when he show his aggression against a worker drone. The metal shows some electricity dancing on the metallic surface.

"Hmmm...interesting..according to my protocols, this staff produced nitric oxide but I will have to see what happens against a living being." He looks over at the mingled mess of the drone. "Well, that would confirm what will happen."

While he waited for Novastorm and Acid Storm to finish with their testing of special abilities, he further located something else in his protocols....acid rain. I wonder how I will be able to form acid rain. Meantime. Thrust runs as far away from Shockwave's lab but remains within Kaon. Eventually, he reaches his personal quarters and enters them. Once inside, he sighs relief but visually shaking.

"W-who w-were those three...three Seekers?"

Ramjet was walking down the hall when Thrust almost ran him over, he spun around on his heels as he nearly ran into him but before he could say anything he was gone down the hall. he then looked over at Thundercracker and asked, "What was his problem, looked like he saw a ghost or something spooked him bad?"

While Thundercracker was heading down a different corridor than where Thrust was heading to, he heard Ramjet asking the same thing that was on his mind. He turned on his heels and walked back to Ramjet.

"I am not entirely sure what got Thrust spooked. When he nearly ran me over, I could not get much out of him or what he was saying while running away."

He pauses a bit while he thinks about something.

"Probably the best thing that we ought to do is head in the direction where he ran from. Otherwise, we may never know or we will be the last ones to know about it."

He then walks past Ramjet then stops a very short distance and looks over his shoulder at Ramjet.

"Coming or what?"

He walks further through the corridor with or without Ramjet. As he walked through the corridor, he did not see anything out of the ordinary that would spook Thrust as badly as he did. That is until as he walks past Shockwave's lab, he saw three Seekers who he has never seen before. He snuck down a nearby corridor but he could still see the trio of new Seekers and listen to them.
Novastorm checked his own protocols and found the controls to several of his weapons and abilities and he understood them. He then turned to Stormfront and Acid Storm and said, "I believe the best way to fully utilize our abilities will be by going outside..." He said as he looked at the others.
Stormfront heard Novastorm's suggestion and glanced over in Acid Storm's direction while wondering if he wanted to fully utilize his abilities and strengths. He then turned to Acid and asked,

"Acid Storm, what do you say...shall we go outside to see what we really can do or sit in here and rot away?"
Suddenly, a robotic bat riding a robotic sheep runs past Ramjet and into shockwaves lab. Seconds later, Dirge runs past yelling  "Here Robosheep, here Batzilla... come to daddy "

Following them into the lab, Dirge chases them round and round in there, destroying almost everything before he finally catches them and shoves them in his cockpit. Looking up he sees the three new seekers all glaring at him *

" I don't think I have had the misfortune to meet you three before, the names dirge"
Acid Storm did not try out his weaponry or abilities, instead he just stood there in silence. While allowing Stormfront and Novastorm to understand what their protocols were. He quietly waited for them to finish. Eventually, he heard Novastorm's suggestion along with Stormfront's question and he simply smirked in their direction.

"I thought that neither of you would ask but come on." He said and gave the hand signal to follow him. He then led the way out of Shockwave's lab and it felt good that he could stretch his legs. As he led the way, he saw a few looks from what appears fellow Decepticons. Most of them were unsure when they saw them. However, one of them stops them to introduce himself even though they wanted to try out these abilities outside, not inside.

"Dirge, I am Acid Storm and this is Stormfront and Novastorm. You do not want to get on their bad sides."
Novastorm was about to head out when another seeker came into the lab and as he did he noticed he was chasing some strange robo creatures. He was very annoyed at this display and drew out his staff weapon and it started to glow and he said, "This little display you just gave has come at a rather bad out of my way..."  as he looked at the one who entered the lab.

He then looked at the others and said, "Lets go..." he then walked out of the lab and as he did he walked by two other seekers who quickly moved out of the way.
On the way out of the lab, Stormfront and his two wing mates got stopped by an unexpected Cybertronian, who was also a Decepticon. For a bit, he was as calm as he could be until this. He then looked at him with flaring and glaring red optics along with his fists clenched on either side of his body. One of his clenched fists held his three prong staff and he was ready to use it.

" just had to stop us before we go to have a field test with our abilities!!!!! You had to choose now to greet us and not later!! Bad timing....."

He promptly follow Novastorm out of the lab. Right behind him, he heard Acid Storm's footsteps following him. Once they were outside and no one else was around to bother them, he looked to Acid Storm and said,

"Any suggestions on where we ought to go, bro?"

"It would be best to go to the badlands." Acid replied back

With that said, Acid Storm takes off into the Cybertronian airspace while transforming into his Cybertronian jet mode. Stormfront proceeds to follow him and transform into his own mode, which is identical to his except for colors.

In relative quick fashion, Stormfront and I make it to the badlands. I look at my scanner and only Stormfront was nearby.

Slaggit, where is Novastorm, that hot-head?

Acid Storms proceeds to open his comm to Novastor While activating his commlink to him, he figures that he is not going to like what he is about to say.

"Novastorm, are you coming or what, slowpoke?"

Acid Storm promptly deactivate his commlink and looks over at Stormfront, who has transformed back. Without hesitation, Acid Storms begins his transformation process in the air. He allows his hyperion3 cannons to be activated so that he can fire them and try them out. As he fires them, he watches as a rock melt with acid.


In the slight distance, Acid Storm watches as Stormfront tries out his other ability that he could not in the lab. A thought occurred to Acid Storm, which he promptly fly to Stormfront.

"It is too bad that a certain hot-head is not here but you and I can test something out. Within my protocols, there is a very spacial ability about creating something with our alt. is some type of rain."