Military Ranks

The Air Commander serves as the leader of the fliers of a Transformer military.

Decepticon air commanders

Predacon air commanders

Convoy is an Autobot and Maximal rank of leadership throughout many Japanese series. It is similar in many ways to the American rank of "Prime". The rank was named in honor of Convoy (the Japanese name for Optimus Prime). In the Generation 1 continuity, an Autobot did not have to achieve a Convoy rank to be the Supreme Commander. Unlike those in the American fiction with a rank of "Prime", a Convoy isn't the Supreme Commander of the Maximals as a whole (that job belongs to the Convoy Council).

Among the Decepticons, there is one guiding principle: rule of the strong. Where as the leader of the Autobots consults his subordinates, the strongest and the most powerful Decepticon leads, everyone else is expected to follow without question. But strength of body is not enough. One must also have the brains to lead, the intelligence to outwit their rivals and plan their victories. Thus, the Decepticon leader is the strongest and smartest of their ranks.

Lord High Protector was a title given to Megatron. It is one of two rulers of the planet Cybertron, the other being the Prime, a title held by his sibling Optimus Prime. The Lord High Protector is a military title, and Megatron oversaw the armies of Cybertron while Optimus Prime was the civilian and spiritual leader. Together, both of them stewarded the All Spark. However Megatron's military command led to a dangerous imbalance of power when he came to covet the life-giving artifact and formed the Decepticons.

Prime is a rank of highest distinction in many Transformers continuities. Typically, it is used as the identification for the leader of the Autobots, something that is bestowed only on those that carry the Matrix within them. It is derived from Primus, the creator of the Transformers. The name Prime has no real necessary relation to Autobot leadership here. Optimus Prime becomes a Prime long before he becomes the overall Autobot Commander. Rather, Prime is a religious title (as the Creation Matrix is a religious artifact: a relic of their god).

The second-in-command refers to a Transformer whose status is...well, second to the commander's. A Transformer who is second-in-command is not necessarily ranked Sub-Commander, while a Transformer ranked Sub-Commander is usually the second-in-command. The rank generally varies between factions. For the Autobots and the Maximals, the rank is usually overlooked, but it still receives its own holiday. For the Decepticons, choosing a Second-in-Command is a very tough decision. Pick one too loyal, and everyone will ignore him. Pick one too bold, and the leader may find himself scrap.

Autobot seconds-in-command




Decepticon seconds-in-command

A Security Director is a high ranking position given to personnel charged with security operations.---Red Alert (G1)

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