Summary: Set in the movie-verse.  Prowl's early days as an Autobot after a major ambush.  Sequel to Time for a new job, which can be found here or here

The next morning, I woke up in my new personal quarters as reactivated my newly acquired azure-colored optics and gaze about the room while laying on my side with my wings facing a wall.  As I gaze about the room, I noticed a flashing red light on my personal console.  "Now, what could the message mean?"  I hoist myself off of my berth and walk over to my personal console.  "Alright, alright, I am coming."  Once there, I sat at the console and log in with a personal code.  Immediately Optimus Prime's face appears on the screen. 

"Prowl, I hope that the accommodations have been pleasant for you."

 "Morning, Optimus Prime, my personal quarters is much better than what I hoped for."

Soon after, I replied to Optimus Prime, I thought about my personal quarters in Praxus, my home.  My colleagues thought that it was silly that I would commute between my job and Praxus.  I had to travel across Cybertron in order to get to my job on time.  Plus, Praxus is where I lived all of my life and everyone knew who I was.  My apartment was rather small since Megatron did not offer me a good salary while I was Head of the Security Forces.  However, my apartment had its charms, for instance, it looked over the Helix Gardens.  Now, I am starting a new job as Second-in-Command and Head Tactician for the Autobots.   My train of thought was broken when Optimus spoke.

"Good to hear.  Anyhow, the main reason why I radioed you is because I would like to meet you in my office.  I have some information that I want to give you."

"Yes, sir."

"See you in a bit, Prowl."

With that the screen went dead and I let out some air out of my vent before swiveling around in the chair.  I sat there to collect my thoughts for a few breems and wonder what type of important information Optimus Prime wanted to give to me.  I eventually proceed to leave my personal quarters and head towards Optimus' office.  As I head towards his office, I reflect about what has occurred to me.  First, I got ambushed by Megatron, which had to be orchestrated.  He only told me that he wanted me along with my Security forces to bring in Optimus for some questioning.  Right after I got the assignment, Jazz indicated that he had a bad feeling about it.  I could not agree more but I had a job to do.  Even though I was not highly comfortable with this assignment, I did it anyways.  I ended up being the most injured in the ambush, most likely because I was the one that broken into Megatron's personal quarters at Optimus' request. 

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