Diaclone (pre-Transformers)

The Diaclone range was developed in Japan and the figures were relative similar to the ones that were released in 1984 when Generation 1 series was developed.  There are some slight differences in terms of variants in color. 
Prowl:  he had stickers of different Japanese city names that could be place on his doors, particularly the Japanese releases of the figure.  However, it did not carry over to the Italian release of the figure.  The stickers included Tokyo City, Sapporo City, Sendai City, Osaka City and Fukuoka City.  Along with some possible alignments of paint.    Also he has "Diaclone" above his star shield.
Jazz: the Japanese Takara Diaclone release of Car Robot No.14 Porsche 935 Turbo in July 1983. the box came in two variants:  one that said Polsche 935 Turbo and the other one said Porsche 935 Turbo.  The Polsche one is the first release and the box designer probably did not realize the spelling error.  The Italian release had no driver and instead of the chrome plastic missiles, came with safety-conscious orange/black bopper missiles rather than the chrome accessories which was seen in the Japanese releases. 
Mirage:  The Italian release had "Ligier 26" instead of "Citanes 26". Ligier and Citanes is  In Japan, there were two color variants: light blue and a bright red.   
Sideswipe: This character came in three different variants: traditional red, a bright yellow, and a police car version.  There are some indications that the police version may be a Diaclone version of Red Alert but who knows however, this police car is black/white whereas Red Alert is red/white so I am hesitant to believe that this a Diaclone version of Red Alert.   
Sunstreaker: This guy also came in three car variants in the Diaclone line, traditional yellow, red, and a police car version.  <---had to be like your twin.     
Tracks:  Tracks came in several color variants--black, red, and maybe the traditional blue.  The black variant came with either a light blue or gold face.  Whereas, the red one had a gray face on it.   
Bluestreak: There were several variants of him...black hooded/silver version which we are all used to seeing in the Generation 1 cartoon series. The Italian release of him was silver with red/silver missile launchers.  Then there was the myth/legend one... The first Diaclone release of the Fairlady Z mold was mostly blue with a silver hood and white launchers..  Bluestreak had the first mold for the Datsun/Fairlady Z trio.    myth or real??
Hoist Started out as a having a blue color variant in late 1982 then changed to being red in the early part of 1983.  In Italy, the figure was released in the traditional TF color as green for Hoist.  When the figure was released into the Transformer line, "Wrecker" on the sides of the vehicle was removed.  
Bumblebee: He originally came as a blue Volkswagon Bug with a different set of stickers.   
Bumblejumper:  He came in two color variants in the Diaclone line...a very light blue and red with a different set of stickers than what he comes with nowadays.   
Swoop: The Diaclone line figure had  firing launchers, but also a pointed lower beak, tail and wings.  
Trailbreaker: The color variants for him were a medium shade of blue, traditional black, and maybe a yellow one.   

Hopefully, he/she does not mind if I got some information off of his/her website, which is a well-informative website on Diaclone Transformers.  If you would like some more information about TF Generation 1 figures that are found before Generation 1, this is the site to go to. 

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