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The Mexican Generation 1 figures were relatively similar to the American and Japanese ones but with some slight differences.  They all have their own uniqueness about them in their own right.    The Generation1 boxes are basically the same as the American boxes except for one main difference: everything is written in Spanish rather than English.  However, the sticker sheets are American rather from Mexico, which is pretty interesting. They were released by IGA rather than Hasbro or Takara.  The Mexican figures also lack a rubsign. 

Prowl: The Mexican version of the Autobot tactician is very different from either the American or Japanese version of him, which was released in 1985.  This figure has way more black on him than the usual one that we see in the United States.  It also cream-colored rather than white.  Instead of "Police", the Mexican version says "Policia". Makes sense. Instead of "Highway Patrol" they read "Patrulla De Caminos".   The majority of the wheels on the Mexican figure are mostly black. Also the head is entirely black except for some silver on the face.  On its hood, it lacks the traditional black curve that is on every Japanese police vehicle.  The arms are 95% black whereas, the American and Japanese versions of the G-1 figure of Prowl has alternating of black and white.  In all, the figure is dominating black rather than a balance between white and black. This figure is also known as "El Pricko."  
Smokescreen:  This figure has the mold of Bluestreak with the traditional Smokescreen colors....interesting.  In other words, the figure does not have the racing bumper that we all know in the United States.   
Hoist:  Relatively similar to the United States version except for a green head with an orange visor rather than a green head with yellow eyes.  
Red Alert:  The colors are slightly different than the American figure.  The white is creamer, a slightly different shade of red and the face is a dull gray.   
Bumblebee: Bumblebee was released in Mexico as a white Volkswagen Bug with a red face.  In a way, it looks relatively similar to E-hobby Bug Bite, which is a Decepticon, except for the red face. What is even rarer is a blue Bumblebee in Mexico, which has a dark gray face that was released in 1987.   
Cliffjumper:  In Mexico, he was released as a silver variant of the one that is commonly seen in the United States.   
Tailgate:  This figure came in both white/blue and yellow/blue but with a Windcharger's body in either 1986 or 1987.  The yellow one is freaky and is hard to determine if it is truly is a G1 toy or is it a G2 toy which has a known status of coming in wild colors.   

Hopefully, he/she does not mind if I got some information off of his/her website, which is a well-informative website.   Mexican Tranformers .  If you would like some more information about TF Generation 1 figures that are found in Mexico, this is the site to go to. 

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